A little bit of myself

For over 8 years our company has created web applications based on PHP. There have been several projects that we have developed over these years. The most important project is trackingpremium which is a system that allows to support the cargo handling processes. In another post I will detail a little more about all the features and characteristics of this system.

At the beginning of 2010 we started in the creation of websites. Develop around 15 websites for various clients including clinics, cinemas and companies in the state of Merida, Venezuela. In these first years of development we consolidate our knowledge of product developers.

Our services have been characterized from the beginning by a high commitment of responsibility and by the quality guarantee that our products offer. Our motto is to create a product that meets the client’s requirements and that can fulfill its short and long-term goals.

We currently have several clients in the United States, Canada, Ecuador and Venezuela who are very happy with the projects we have done for them.

Certainly, the world of applications has reached televisions. There are several options that we currently have ROKU, AppleTV, smartTV among others. Due to our experience in the development of web and mobile applications in 2014 we started the world of TV applications.

We have the experience of creating applications for ROKU, AppleTV and Amazon Fire in a native way to guarantee the best performance of these applications. The development of these applications requires a certain degree of expertise in the design of the graphic user interface and the domain of interaction with the flow of delivery and data transmission.

TV applications are an excellent option for various types of companies. Currently, the information is documented through videos and society has been highly influenced by this type of elements. A practical way to organize and have an environment for managing videos is a TV application.

There are several options for the development of TV applications, which range from the most complex where a custom design is required to the most basic ones where you can make use of the advantages offered by the companies that have created the TV devices.